About Us

Charged Voids is a Chandigarh-based architectural firm that explores the possibilities of a transcendent and spiritual character in architecture. The work of the award-winning practice is underpinned by a purposeful dialogue between Western modernism and elements of Indian architecture. Each project's objective is to honour architecture's universals: gravity, light, human perception, and nature.

Aman Aggarwal, the Principal Architect at Charged Voids, adopts a unique architectural approach derived from a critical examination of the times we live in and the ecological and environmental factors that shape our collective experiences.

The firm’s body of work is inspired by Le Corbusier’s core principles of modernism, informed by knowledge of the elements and response to the climate. The practice infuses a sense of continuity into the built form to bind our glorious past with the beads of the future.

Charged Voids’ portfolio comprises projects ranging from small-scale interiors to sprawling master plans across numerous typologies such as private residences, schools, and universities and the revitalisation of institutional buildings, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, and holiday homes.