Model School

The Model School establishes a relationship between the classroom and the outdoors.


Multiple Remote Villages of Haryana


33,780 SQFT

Located in over twelve different remote villages of Haryana, the built module of the Aarohi Model School consists of four wings arranged in the swastika, which allowed for mirroring and rotation of the same block, thus responding to multiple sites. This helped create four courtyards and allowed each classroom to open directly to the exteriors in more than one direction. Each courtyard can be used in different ways during the various seasons as well as throughout the day. Functional placements have been done so that the common facilities are placed in the centre. Circulation on the ground and first floor is varied to allow for the creation of various vistas. The circulation is organised to act as a thermal buffer between the direct sun and the classrooms. The school acts as a social gathering space where community events are organized.