Residence 53

A house that allows its residents to be constantly aware of its distinct character.




8,500 sq. ft.



This project exemplifies Charged Voids’ approach of using a few simple, bold strokes to create a powerful composition which is evident in the geometric façade of the house. This 8,500 sqft structure is a balance between public and private spaces that divides the functions on different levels while maintaining visual connections through the central space.

Inside the house, this connecting central space becomes the nexus around which the entire plan revolves. The grand, double-height doors open to let one into an equally grand double-height foyer. The open-to-sky courtyard also features two bridges that jut out from the wall and become the focal point of the design. The two cantilevered curved bridges in the central area are major architectural and sculptural elements of the house. These internal bridges lend a monumental air to the interiors, giving it the sheen of grandeur and also serving as the primary circulation routeson the first and second floors.